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Lions place Greg Robinson on IR, Jace Billingsley clears waivers

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Greg Robinson isn’t gone after all.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Last Friday, the Detroit Lions waived Greg Robinson with an injury designation, seemingly ending their experiment with the maligned left tackle. Taylor Decker and Corey Robinson returned to the active roster last week, leaving no place for Greg on the team. It seemed as if the Lions were officially moving on from him.

However, according to the NFL’s transaction list from Monday, Robinson returned to the team on their reserve-injured list. When a player is “waive-injured,” like Robinson was last week, teams can still put in a claim for the injured player, hoping they’ll return to play. However, if no teams claim him, the original team is allowed to place that player on IR. The Lions have yet to announce the move.

So now Robinson technically remains with the Detroit Lions, although he is on the final year of his contract. Theoretically, Robinson could return to the active lineup this year, but it would have to be three weeks into the playoffs for him to be eligible for an IR- return.

The more important note here is the Lions retain rights to Robinson before free agency begins. And while the Lions may not be interested in re-signing him, it does mean that Detroit could potentially get a compensatory draft pick if some other team takes a risk on Robinson in free agency. It’s not likely to be much, but a seventh-round pick is certainly possible.

In related NFL transaction news, Jace Billingsley, who was also waived to make room for Decker and Corey Robinson, officially cleared waivers this week. That makes Billingsley eligible to return to the Lions’ practice squad, should the team be interested. Just two weeks ago, Billingsley made his NFL debut against the Steelers. The following week, he recorded two special teams tackles against the Packers.