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Thursday open thread: What will the Lions’ final record be?

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How will the Lions finish their final seven games?

Detroit Lions v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

As it stands right now, the Detroit Lions have somewhere between a 30 and 40 percent chance to make the postseason. Detroit is currently slotted as the eighth best team in a crowded NFC playoff picture with a 5-4 record.

Because of a handful of losses to NFC South teams, the Lions have put themselves in a tough position. With seven games remaining, they likely cannot afford to lose more than two games if they want a chance to make the postseason. The NFC North title is looking less and less like a viable option, as the Minnesota Vikings are 7-2 and have won five straight.

But it’s impossible to ignore just how easy Detroit’s schedule is in the final seven weeks. Football Outsiders ranks their future schedule as the ninth easiest in the NFL. By winning percentage it is easier than all but one current contender for the second NFC wild card spot. Here’s a look at their final seven games:

at Bears
vs. Vikings
at Ravens
at Buccaneers
vs. Bears
at Bengals
vs. Packers

So today’s Question of the Day is:

What will be the Lions’ record at the end of the season?

My answer: 10-6. The Lions have played some pretty inconsistent football through nine games. Their offense has gone through long spurts of ineffectiveness, and the defense has occasionally been seriously gashed both in the passing and running games.

Detroit hasn’t dropped a game to a bad team yet this season, taking care of business against the Cardinals, Giants and Browns so far. However, they haven’t always looked the most convincing doing so. Jim Caldwell may have an impeccable record against losing teams, but I’m just not convinced this team can realistically go 8-1 down the stretch.

That being said, this schedule is just too easy for this team not to finish 5-2. Most of these teams look bad, and it’s very realistic that by the time the Lions play them, Detroit’s final four opponents (Bucs, Bears, Bengals and Packers) may have nothing to play for. If Detroit can get through the next three weeks with only one loss, they can certainly make a playoff run.

I won’t say what games they’ll lose, but I still think they drop (at least) two more games.

Your turn.


What will the Lions’ record be at the end of the 2017 season

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