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Thursday Night Football open thread: Titans at Steelers

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Come kick off Week 11 with us!

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Pittsburgh Steelers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

“Thursday Night Football” doesn’t offer much in terms of playoff implications for the Detroit Lions and their fans, but there is intrigue nonetheless. First, we get to see how the Pittsburgh Steelers, who beat the Lions earlier in the season, perform down the final stretch of the regular season. Last week, they nearly dropped a game to the lowly Colts, so they may not be quite as good as their 7-2 record suggests.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about this matchup has nothing to do with the two teams involved. For the first time ever, a professional football game will be broadcasted live using predominantly the sky cam view. The view will give fans a unique viewing experience from behind line of scrimmage, whereas the typical live view is from the sidelines.

I’m personally excited to see what the game looks like live from this angle. To me, it has always made more sense to watch the game from this point of view, seeing as though line play is crucial to the success or failure of each play. That being said, it will definitely take some getting used to after watching football the same way for the past 30 years.

Anyways, here’s how to watch Thursday’s game:

Titans at Steelers

  • Date/Time: November 16, 2017 —8:25 p.m. ET
  • Location: Heinz Field—Pittsburgh, PA
  • TV: NFL Network and NBC
  • Announcers: Mike Tirico, Cris Collinsworth
  • Streaming: Amazon Prime, NBC Sports
  • Odds: Steelers by 7