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Lions-Bears preview podcast: Chicago’s defense is vulnerable without Danny Trevathan

Robert Zeglinski helps us break down the Bears, and what problems they present.

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Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The First Byte podcast is here, and we’ve got our old friend Robert Zeglinski of Windy City Gridiron, The Athletic Chicago and Rock River Times with us to break down our rival Chicago Bears.

The Bears are a team very much poised to play spoiler in the final two months of the season. At 3-6, their playoff hopes are pretty much done, but they’ve taken down good teams (Steelers, Ravens and Panthers) along the way, and can certainly give anyone that overlooks them some trouble.

So we asked Robert about his hatred of John Fox, his love of Mitchell Trubisky, and where Chicago could give the Lions trouble on Sunday:

This week’ topics

  • I try to get Ryan and Robert to fight for 40 straight minutes
  • Danny Trevathan leads the Bears injury report. How does that affect Chicago’s defense?
  • Will Matthew Stafford survive the Bears’ pass rush?
  • Robert explains how the 2018 Bears could be this year’s Rams... wait, what?
  • Will Chicago throw more than 10 passes on Sunday?
  • Who catches passes for the Bears? Anybody?
  • Jim Harbaugh to the Bears?
  • The gang makes predictions about the over/under, the Bears pass rush and Mitch Tru-pick-sky.

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