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Week 11 NFL staff picks: We think the Lions will continue to own the Bears

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For the second week in a row, it’s unanimous

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

As a fanbase that hasn’t been able to celebrate much in the past say... 60 years or so, we’ve playfully adopted the #WeOwnTheBears hashtag. The Detroit Lions have defeated the Chicago Bears seven of the last eight time the two teams have faced off. That may not seem like much of an accomplishment to those outside of Detroit, considering the Bears were 22-42 coming into this season. But for Lions fans, we’ll take what we can get.

The fortunes of the Chicago Bears haven’t seemed to change much this year, as their 3-6 start has them last in the division and 10th in the conference. As such, we here at Pride of Detroit are predicting more ownage as the Lions head into Soldier Field this week.

Check out our picks for the Lions’ Week 11 game against the Bears:

Alex Reno (7-2): 23-13 Lions
Chris Perfett (6-3): 26-25 Lions
Mike Payton (6-3): 24-17 Lions
Justin Simon (6-3): 28-17 Lions
Ryan Mathews (6-3): 24-10 Lions
Kent Lee Platte (5-4): 40-21 Lions
Jeremy Reisman (5-4): 24-19 Lions
Kyle Yost (4-5): 21-16 Lions
Jerry Mallory (4-4): 23-17 Lions
Andrew Kato (3-4): 23-16 Lions

For the second straight week, we are unanimously picking Detroit, but the scores are much closer. In fact, we have just about every score permutation of low-twenties-to-mid-teens possible.

The consensus is clear: We think this is going to be a close, low-scoring game in which the Lions will find a way to pull through.

Now it’s your turn to give us your prediction. Vote in the poll below and be sure to give your specific score prediction in the comment section below for your chance to be honored in next week’s On Paper preview.


Who wins on Sunday?

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    Detroit Lions
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    Chicago Bears
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