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5 Questions with Windy City Gridiron

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Rookies and hot seats await.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

It took way too long before the Lions faced the Bears in 2017, but here we are. It’s time to talk about Chicago’s most bloated. We spoke with Jeff Berckes of Windy City Gridiron about what makes this football team tick. We also answered their questions, although I think they believe I’m far more broken about this team than I am.


In a nutshell, a more explosive version of Darren Sproles. He was so effective early on that he now doesn't get used because Fox wouldn't want to try and win a game or anything. People are going to forget about him because the Bears are stupid. Next year, he's going to be a huge piece of whatever offense the next guy is going to run. He's not a 20 carry guy - we've got that covered with Jordan Howard - but he is a 20 touch guy. Get him 8-12 carries, a couple screens, a few intermediate passes, and a few returns in the kicking game and see what that gets you over 16 games. Target him next year in your fantasy drafts.

2. John Fox's seat is seemingly scorching. What does his immediate future with the Bears organization look like?

I'm surprised he made it through this week. He's toast. We've been writing John Fox obituaries all season. We're scouring the league for top coaching candidates. He better get in touch with Jeff Fisher and see if they can go halfsies on a timeshare somewhere.

3. Who is the cornerstone of this defense?

One guy? Probably Akiem Hicks. He's just destroying people this year. He's got a legitimate shot at an all-pro season. The Bears just locked him up with an extension and he is so much fun to watch. His power rush is something to behold and he's stout against the run. I know most fans don't enjoy watching line play but you're cheating yourself if you don't spotlight him from time to time.

4. Name me a rookie that we might not have heard about, someone flying under the radar?

Well, I'm going to assume you smart Lions fans saw Eddie Jackson's big day earlier in the year, so I'll just mention Adam Shaheen. He's one of those oversized receivers / athletic freaks that will play tight end. Very raw but with the injury to Zach Miller and Dion Sims' illness, Shaheen will get plenty of reps. With the lack of receiving options for Trubisky, I would imagine 4-6 targets for him as well. The guy is big and fast and if he can learn how to find the soft spot in zone coverage, he'll have a place in this league for a long time.

5. Mitch?

I'm sorry who? No one by that name lives here, you must have the wrong num...oh, Mitchell? Tru? Biscuit? The Pretty Boy Assassin? Yeah, he's here. He's got a good arm. He's throwing to practice squad receivers, a has been and a never will be but yeah, he's been the Bears starter since Week 5 against the Vikings. I like the early returns, even if he's not lighting it on fire like DeShaun Watson was in Houston. Mitchell Trubisky came out raw with only one year of starting experience at North Carolina. The guy has pedigree, he's been able to show off an arm to die for, and he can make plays with his feet. However, he's as much of a rookie as any rookie QB you've ever seen. He has a limited grasp of the offense and struggles to work through his progressions, leading to sacks. Every rep he takes in practice and games is only going to help this kid get better. I wrote out my opinions on Trubisky earlier this week if you want 1300 words on it.

BONUS: Convince me why I should eat Italian beef.

What? Do I need to convince you to breathe air and drink water? Why would you ever consider depriving yourself of one of the great human experiences? Look, there are 3 sandwiches you need to eat in America. 1. Italian beef in Chicago. 2. Cheesesteak in Philly. 3. Shrimp Po'Boy in NOLA. That's the trifecta, the holy trinity of dining experiences. If you're trying them elsewhere, you're not doing it right.

Editorial note: These rankings are an abomination, just like soggy-arse Italian beef.