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Sunday open thread: Which Lions player will have a big game vs. Bears?

Who do you think is in for a big game on Sunday?

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Back on Friday, we discussed which Chicago Bears player could give the Lions the biggest amount of trouble on Sunday. There were a lot of names submitted, but the most popular were defensive lineman Akiem Hicks and running back Jordan Howard. Neither of those names are much of a surprise as this Bears team defines itself by the pass rush and their ability to run the ball.

Now it’s time to look at things from the Lions’ perspective. There are several favorable matchups for Detroit this Sunday, and as a result, a few players could be in for a big game against the Bears. So today’s Question of the Day is:

Which Lions player do you think will be in for a big game against the Chicago Bears?

My answer: Theo Riddick.

Much like last week against the Browns, Detroit’s best matchup while on offense is over the middle of the field. Chicago’s linebacking corps will likely be missing one of its most important players in Danny Trevathan. That’s exactly where Riddick likes to do his magic.

Last week, the Lions didn’t get Riddick all that involved in the passing game, throwing just three passes his way that resulted in only 12 yards. However, Riddick showed he could actually run the ball fairly efficiently, giving his game another edge. The Bears may have to respect his ability to run, which means he may be able to catch them by surprise by running a few routes out there.

We’ve seen what Theo can do to linebackers once he’s in space running crisp routes, but we haven’t seen it in awhile. Time for Theo to eat again.

Your turn.