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Lions vs. Packers: Random Stats

A look back at the history between the Lions and Packers

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Here we are, Lions fans. It’s that time of the year again. It’s time for the Lions to travel to Wisconsin and play the Green Bay Packers. Obviously, this time is a little different because a certain somebody is missing. We’ll get to that later. First let’s talk about 3-4.

The Lions have been 3-4 18 times in their history, and it’s doesn’t bode well for the 2017 Lions. Of those 18 times, the Lions have finished with a winning record just three times. They have finished with a .500 record four times. Needless to say, the Lions have to get it together fast. Let’s go back in time.

Way back to November 2, 1930. That’s right. The Lions and Packers played each other for the first time ever on this day 87 years ago. This is officially the coolest and most unplanned random stat ever.

In true Lions fashion, their first trip to Wisconsin ended in a 47-13 beat down. In the Lions’ defense, this was only their eighth game ever. The two teams would face each other 174 more times. The Packers have won exactly 100 of those games.

This week, the game is in Wisconsin, where the Lions have the most trouble. Detroit actually has a 43-41-3 record against the Packers at home, but in Green Bay, they’re 25-59-4. I’m 31 years old. The Lions have only won in Wisconsin six times since I’ve been alive.

To the social media stuff!

This is a Matt Flynn thing isn't it? The Lions have played Packers backup quarterbacks 18 times. They have won 10 of those outings. So history is on their side here.

The Lions are 1-3 against the Packers when Green Bay is coming off their bye week. That one win came in 1998 and was at the Pontiac Silverdome. So things are not looking good there. These games were all against starting quarterbacks. Maybe it’s the backup that the Lions need?

The Lions have shutout the Packers six times in their history with the cheese team. Here is the trailer for the highest grossing film the last year they did this:

That’s right, the 1973 classic “The Sting.” The Lions got themselves a 34-0 shutout win at Tiger Stadium. Maybe next year we’ll see a “Thor: Ragnarok” trailer if and when this question comes up next year? Or maybe it’ll be “The Sting” again.

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