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Lions notes: Matthew Stafford grades as just 20th best QB per PFF

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The Lions quarterback has gotten off to a slow start.

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NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

When Stafford is on, he’s as fun to watch as any quarterback, and he got off to a great start against the Steelers with a number of big-time throws. From well-placed deep passes to Cover-2 shots, Stafford may have had his best game of the season from a pure throwing standpoint, but this game will be remembered for an inability to capitalize in the red zone

  • How far of a field goal does Matt Prater think he can kick with his left foot? Find out on this week’s #AskALion:

When quarterback Matthew Stafford is moved off of his initially intended dropback, he is sacked 25 percent of the time which is fifth-most for quarterbacks who have started the whole season. However, when he gets a pass off, he has a passer rating of 105.1 in these situations, which is second-best for quarterbacks who have started the whole season.

  • The Lions worked out some potential defensive back depth on Thursday: