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PraterCast celebrates another owning of the Bears

Do it for the brand.

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Detroit Lions v New York Giant Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Matt Prater did it, and we talk about it. It’s not PODcast this week, it’s now PraterCast. No caps, just the man’s name. It’s how it is.


There’s all this and more just waiting for you. Plug in your headphones and give it a listen. Pride of Detroit never looked so good, in audio-only format.

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This week on the PraterCast

  • #WeOwnTheBears
  • Up the Prater, down the Barth, and how the Lions could easily have had a reverse situation there.
  • Speaking of Matts, the other one has been on fire too.
  • Do it for the brand.
  • Okay, it’s not all sunshine. A lot less sunshine, really. The Lions had to eke out that one.
  • Once again, too many yards let up by the defense. Where does the fix come from?
  • Lions must establish the run game.
  • Stretch time. Six games to go and the playoffs to hunt for. We wargame out scenarios for both the division and the wildcard.
  • Looking ahead to Thanksgiving
  • Mailbag!