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Notes: Mike Tanier calls Matthew Stafford ‘the best quarterback in the NFL not named Tom Brady’

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Stafford-mania is spreading across the nation!

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NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

With all due respect to young guns like Carson Wentz, right now Stafford is the best quarterback in the NFL not named Tom Brady. Others produce better statistics, but none do more at the line of scrimmage (except Brady) and accomplish as much as Stafford does behind an ever-changing offensive line with a minimal running game and an ordinary defense.

And before you pull the “it’s Bleacher Report” card, Tanier is more than a stereotypical writer at Bleacher Report (which is a way outdated stereotype, anyways). He also co-authors the annual Football Outsiders Almanac.

Stafford is finally garnering the national praise he has always seemingly deserved.

  • Our friends over at “Good Morning Football” are at it again. Peter Schrager, who was at the Detroit Lions game on Sunday as part of FOX’s sideline crew, thinks that analysts may be overlooking Detroit, who has now won three straight games:

  • Speaking of Prater, here he is breaking the huddle Lions’ locker room after their win on Sunday:

  • Matthew Stafford is a pretty good quarterback, just in case you didn’t read the title to this article:

  • Can you trace the Detroit Lions’ run defense problems all the way back to the injury of Haloti Ngata back in Week 5? There sure is some compelling evidence for that: