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Monday Night Football open thread: Falcons at Seahawks

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Come watch “Monday Night Football” with us.

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Week 11 is coming to a close and the Detroit Lions are likely already knee deep in preparation for the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday.

However, they may want to lift their eyes from their Microsoft Surfaces for a moment on Monday night, as a big NFC matchup awaits.

The 6-3 Seattle Seahawks are hosting the 5-4 Atlanta Falcons in a game that could have huge playoff implications come December. What those implications will be and how it relates to the Lions is unclear right now.

Which team should the Lions root for on Monday night? The answer is unclear. I think it’s the Falcons, and I explain myself here, but the truth is no one really knows right now.

We may look back on this game and find that it didn’t even matter in the grand scope of things. Maybe the Seahawks win this game, but end up nosediving in the final months. Maybe the same is true of the Falcons. Maybe both teams falter down the stretch; they both certainly have difficult schedules remaining.

Either way, come watch the game with us and root for whatever team you’d like. Or you could be one of those weirdos that roots for a tie.

Here’s how to watch “Monday Night Football,” in case you forgot how televisions work: