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5 Questions with Acme Packing Co.: Brett Hundley isn’t Aaron Rodgers

We always ask every important question. There’s always five of them.

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It is time. Everything is set to turn against one another in this great family of the NFC North, Lions and Packers alone on Monday Night. We spoke with Acme Packing Company’s Jason Hirschhorn about Wisconsin’s finest aged cheddar football team.

1. Brett Hundley isn't Aaron Rodgers. Evaluate this statement in objective and informative terms.

Until Brett Hundley produces his full birth certificate, we can't say anything for certain. Aaron Rodgers has pulled off insane feats before. Would anyone feel that surprised to find out he created a second identity? This could go all the way to the top.

Then again, Hundley and Rodgers have appeared in the same place together. Let's just move on.

Hundley has an above-average physical skill set and has shown some nice things during the preseason. For the most part, those strengths have not manifested since he took over for Rodgers in Week 6. The Packers head coach and offensive play-caller Mike McCarthy designed a very conservative game plan for Hundley's first start, and that certainly contributed to his poor performance. If the team has any chance of moving the ball consistently, they need to loosen the restraints on the third-year quarterback.

Still, even a better Hundley almost certainly doesn't mean that Green Bay regains its dominance on offense. Until Rodgers returns to the fold, the unit will endure more struggles.

2. What has Martellus Bennett brought so far to this team's offense? Is this injury he's suffering significant?

On Saturday, the Packers officially listed him as doubtful to play against the Lions. Given that he has not practiced in any capacity thus far in the week, it seems extremely unlikely that the tight end appears in Monday's game.

Prior to the injury, Bennett struggled with his hands. He led the team in drops at the time of Rodgers' injury, including one on the play Rodgers broke his collarbone. Bennett has made a positive impact as a blocker, but the Packers need more from him moving forward.

3. Special teams talk, talkin' special teams, tell me about them special teams.

The Packers put their second long snapper on injured reserve this year. That necessarily makes field goals and punts more of an adventure.

If the snaps don't end up factoring into the game, the special teams units rate about league average. Mason Crosby remains a reliable kicker from long distances, rookie punter Justin Vogel will boom some punts and shank others, and returners Trevor Davis and Jeff Janis haven't done much this year.

4. Clay Matthews: with or without the beard?

Neither option will matter when Clay Matthews reveals his Chester A. Arthur look.

5. Give me your predictions about last week's bye week.

I don't know how to answer this question.

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