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Lions notes: Peter Schrager calls Matthew Stafford ‘one of the greatest QBs in the NFL’

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After a month off, the Matthew Stafford love is pouring back in.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
  • Our friends over at the entertaining NFL Network show “Good Morning Football” talked extensively about the Detroit Lions’ win over the Green Bay Packers. Peter Schrager in particular gushed over Matthew Stafford’s performance, calling it a “masterpiece” from “one of the greatest quarterbacks in the NFL.” Check out the entire segment here.

  • It’s hard to argue against Stafford’s Monday Night Masterpiece, as only one visiting quarterback has ever bested that performance in Lambeau Field history:

  • But Good Morning Football didn’t just stop there, they also had to talk about the Lions’ awesome touchdown celebration and give props to Golden Tate for his toe-drag swag on Monday:

(Marvin Jones Jr. confirms it was a Fight Night celebration, by the way.)

  • Monday night’s win against the Packers put some more old, embarrassing streaks to bed:

  • Even though ESPN’s broadcast of “Monday Night Football” was god awful, it did introduce us to this wonderful Packers fan:

And we couldn’t help ourselves:

  • Detroit made a small transaction on Tuesday. After suffering a thigh injury against the Steelers, the Lions placed guard Tim Lelito on injured reserve. This week, they waived him from IR.