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T.J. Lang mic’d up vs. Packers is the best

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They should mic up T.J. Lang every week.

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T.J. Lang spent eight season in Green Bay as a member of the Packers. On Monday, he made his triumphant return to Lambeau for the first time as a Detroit Lion. Though Lang predictably downplayed any animosity towards his former team, the production team over at Lions HQ decided to pin the microphone on him for Week 9’s version of “Sights and Sounds.”

That turned out to be an excellent decision:

Lang didn’t have anything bad to say about his former team, but he was extremely entertaining to listen to with the mic on.

Here are my favorite moments:

  • To a coach after Ameer Abdullah celebrated a touchdown without him: “Will you tell 2-1 when he scores to celebrate with me?”
  • To Abdullah: “Will you celebrate with me? I ran all the way into the corner and you just ran right back.”
  • To Theo Riddick after the 63-yard screen play: “I tried to get you to slow down.”
  • Matt Prater: “Do you need me to carry you off the field?”
    Lang: “Nah, I need the running backs to slow it down once in awhile.”
  • To coaches after the screen: “I was hoping for a lateral, why didn’t they pitch it to me?”

The video above is just a portion of the eight minutes of on-field audio goodness. Click here for the entire thing.

Lang has always had a highly entertaining personality. That’s why his “Talkin’ with T.J.” webseries is always a must-watch, and his weekly radio spot is also cant-miss.

Here’s to hoping this isn’t the last time we hear Lang mic’d up this year.