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Detroit Lions ‘Punch-Out’ celebration t-shirts!

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More awesome POD swag just in time for the holidays!

The 2017 Detroit Lions are the king of celebrations. With the official rules relaxed this year, Lions players have been getting creative with their end zone shenanigans, and it’s time for us to do some celebrating of our own. In honor of the Lions’ most recent Punch Out/Fight Night/Rock’em Sock’em robots celebration, we’re offering this brand new shirt, hot off the presses:

This shirt comes to you courtesy of our friends at BreakingT. It is a perfect blend of retro gaming, Lions football and that classic blue and silver combination that we have all grown to love.

Buy the shirt here!

They’re available in sizes anywhere from small to 3XL and were made, designed and screened in the United States. As someone who has ordered from Breaking T before, I can vouch for the comfortability and long-lasting material of the shirts. I still love my Jim Bob Cooter for President shirt, even if I may not believe in the message as strongly anymore.

And if you’re someone who is looking to do some early holiday shopping, why not take a look at our “Detroit Comeback City” shirts that are still on sale? Finally be that person that gets their shopping done in November!