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Lions vs. Browns: Random Stats

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A look back at the Lions history with the Cleveland Browns

Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Something about this feels right at home. It’s Week 10 and looking at this matchup gives you the “two peas in a pod” feeling you can only get when you watch Lindsay Lohan play two different characters trying get their parents back together. That’s a Parent Trap reference. Some of our older readers may prefer Hayley Mills instead.

Anyhow, the Lions and the Browns are playing this Sunday. This is an old school treat. Two franchises that were unstoppable in the 50’s, but are the two worst franchise of the Super Bowl era. These two teams were sort of made for each other. But we’ll get into that in a moment. First, let’s talk 4-4.

The Lions have had a 4-4 record 12 times in their history. Of those 12 times, they’ve made the playoffs just three times. That’s not good. What is good is when you consider the last time they went from 4-4 to the postseason was last year. So this exact team knows this feeling.

Now let’s go back in time. Back to when Patti Page sang about going to your wedding and Monkey Business was the No. 1 movie in the country. I’m talking November 2, 1952. The day the Lions and Browns met for the first time.

The Lions beat the Browns 17-16 in Detroit that day. Interesting enough, they beat the Browns by scoring 17 points in all three of their first meetings. Since 1952, the Lions and Browns have played each other 23 times. The Lions lead the series 18-5.

They haven’t played the Browns since 2013—coincidentally, the last season the Lions had a chance to take the division while an injured Aaron Rodgers missed time. Hopefully the Lions take this opportunity to right that wrong. Hopefully they win this game. Not just because they need to, but because I’ll be in the building Sunday.

To the social media stuff!

Interesting. I like this one. Good question, Josh. The answer is yes. But you have to go way back in time. The Lions with Bobby Layne, faced the Otto Graham-led Browns five times.

We talk a lot about the Browns quarterback woes through history. They’ve had 28 different quarterbacks since 1952. But the Lions aren’t far behind. They’ve had 21. This is why you don’t trade Matthew Stafford.

Interesting. It’s weird, but I like it. The answer to this one is seven. The Browns have beat seven different winning teams since 2009. With the exception of a shocking 34-23 beatdown of the Patriots in 2010, all of their wins have come against either the Steelers or the Bengals. The have not had a win over a winning team since 2014.

This one wasn’t easy to find. I had to call the NFL research center that doesn’t exist to get confirmation. But I managed to pull some strings and I found an answer. It’s one. The following footage has never been seen by the public before. Watch at your own risk.