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LIVE: Watch the Week 15 matchup between Lions-Bears on Madden NFL 18


A rare treat for you faithful viewers of the Pride of Detroit Madden simulation: You don’t have to wait around for a day to see the real thing.

Ah, Saturday football. The time-honored tradition of the collegiate gridiron being adopted by the NFL in a solely capitalistic venture when they smell opportunity.

This week, it’s Round 2. An older, more mature Mitch Trubisky makes his first appearance in Ford Field as they try to play spoiler to Matthew Stafford and the playoff-hopeful Detroit Lions. The Lions lost their first matchup against the Bears on Madden earlier in the season, and who knows when it comes to this thing being a prediction model anymore. Simply sit back and enjoy more Lions owning Bears.

Be sure to jump over to our live stream starting at 11:45 a.m. ET to keep up with the conversation and join a bunch of us who love to watch Madden be Madden. Also, these things are finally available On Demand through Twitch, so if you can’t make the live broadcast, no biggie, you have 14 days to go back and check out all the action you missed out on.

Once the clock strikes 11:45, the stream will begin below.

It’s the Detroit Lions vs. the Chicago Bears. This time, it’s (not) for real.

(If you don’t see the video below, click here)