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T.J. Lang finally gets his chairs from Matthew Stafford on the final episode of ‘Talkin’ with T.J.’

The season finale of this year’s best webseries comes to a dramatic finish.

M*A*S*H. Friends. The Sopranos. Six Feet Under. Breaking Bad.

These are the shows that have defined how to end a television series. But after Thursday night, all of these pathetic excuses for entertainment must step down from their collective pedestals. For there is a new finale that bests them all.

If you’ve been a regular watcher of T.J. Lang’s weekly webseries “Talkin’ with T.J.” you know that there’s been an ongoing feud behind the scenes between Lang and Matthew Stafford regarding the seating arrangement for the show.

“Our budgets aren’t very big for this program,” Lang said in the inaugural episode of the series. “We’re sitting on coolers, we can’t even afford chairs. We’ll see if Stafford can donate some equipment to our set.”

Matthew Stafford, of course, had just signed the richest deal in NFL history a few weeks prior to the first episode.

And Lang never relented in his pursuit for real chairs. Each week, atop a different makeshift seating arrangement (including workout benches, go-karts, tires), Lang would jokingly blast Stafford for not bothering to spend a penny on his “hit” show.

Stafford remained largely quiet on the issue, focusing his efforts on throwing the ball a billion times and trying not to get killed behind a porous offensive line. But last week, he finally fired back on an episode of #AskALion.

“He has yet to ask me in person for a set of chairs, but, you know what? I’m just going to keep on not buying them for him,” Stafford told’s Tori Petry.

Lang was livid.

With tensions rising and fake drama at its peak, Stafford and Lang decided to put their differences aside and finally confront each other on the greatest finale any media has ever created.


Talkin with T.J.: Matthew Stafford

In all seriousness, this is a hilarious eight minutes displaying the dry humor of T.J. Lang and the infectious personality of Matthew Stafford. I don’t know if this series will continue into 2018, but I sure hope it does. We can only hope for more opportunities to make GIFs like this: