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Monday open thread: Do you feel better, worse or the same after the Lions’ loss to the Ravens?

Do you have that same sinking feeling?

NFL: Detroit Lions at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

If Thanksgiving was a body blow to the Detroit Lions’ 2017 season, Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens may have been the devastating uppercut.

The Lions were worked by their AFC 6-5 counterpart in all three phases of the game. Though Detroit tried one of their patented comebacks, the game never really felt all that close. Even a 20-completion streak by Matthew Stafford wasn’t enough to bring the Lions to the competitive level the Ravens were playing at.

As a result, the Lions’ playoff chances look extremely bleak. It’s nearly a mathematical impossibility to win the division, and even if Detroit wins out, they’re going to need a lot of help to sneak by with a wild card berth.

So with all of that negativity in mind, today’s (most obvious) Question of the Day is:

Do you feel better, worse or the same after the Lions’ loss to the Ravens?

My answer: Much worse. While last week’s performance against the Vikings was disappointing, there were positives to take from that game.

But Sunday’s game was an utter disaster from beginning to end. No player, unit or coach should be spared from blame in the blowout. Player weren’t executing, coaches didn’t have the players prepared, and even the reliable Matt Prater fell victim to a cursed performance.

Without even getting into the macro outlook of this game (how it affects the future of coaches and players), this performance essentially cemented one thing: The Lions will not play a meaningful football game for another nine months. That alone has me pretty depressed this Monday morning.

Your turn.


How do you feel after Sunday’s 20-44 loss to the Ravens?

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    A lot better
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    A little better
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  • 5%
    The same
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  • 7%
    A little worse
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  • 84%
    A lot worse
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