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Lions notes: Tion Green’s mom is psychic and awesome

This is the best story of the Lions’ 2017 season.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
  • Tion Green is already one of the best personal stories of the Detroit Lions’ 2017 season: An undrafted rookie whose play in the final preseason game earned him a spot on the 53-man roster that he has yet to relent three-quarters of the way through the season.

But the legend of Tion Green grew this week, as he made his first in-game appearance and took his first NFL touch for 33 yards. And as luck would have it, his mother surprised Green by showing up in Baltimore to watch him play, despite having no idea that Green would be in the lineup for the first time all season.

This is just an awesome story all around. It was his mother’s first NFL game, she correctly predicted that he would be active for the first time and score an NFL touchdown, and she gets to witness it all from the end zone.

  • Lions safety Tavon Wilson appears to have undergone shoulder surgery and is on the road to recovery:

  • The Lions defense isn’t getting pressure, even when they decide to blitz:

  • Matthew Stafford Hand Watch: On Monday he had three fingers wrapped, but no longer hand the huge bandage on his hand:

(You can watch the interview here)