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Detroit Lions Week 13 Song of the Game: “Loser” by Limp Bizkit

This one’s dedicated to you, Ben Stillah.

2014 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

This was the first time this year that I was asked to pick “Song of the Game” after a Detroit Lions loss and I was far from prepared for this task. Sunday’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens was a forgettable performance from the Lions, so what better way to approach this than to pick the most forgettable song from the most forgettable album of one of the world’s most forgettable bands (unless you ask the Pride of Detroit staff, of course).

Lions-Ravens Song of the Game: “Loser” by Limp Bizkit

If it weren’t for everyone’s favorite fantasy football writer, Ryan Mathews (a renowned die-hard Limp Bizkit fan), I would have had no clue that Limp Bizkit even released an album in 2011.

I'm a loser yes it's true
Feels like I am losing since I met you
Through the good times and the bad
Feels like I'm losing all I ever had

How are we at the point where the Green Bay Packers—WITHOUT AARON RODGERS, FOR CHRIST’S SAKE—and the Detroit Lions have an identical record 12 games into the season? If the Lions lose to Jameis Winston and I have to hear about “eating W’s” next week, then I’m going to eat a ballistic knife.

Please, Lions, prove us all wrong. Prove to us that you aren’t losers.

Note: Week 3’s choice of “Sober” by Tool has been replaced by “Popcorn” by Hot Butter because Tool is not currently available on the platform and “Popcorn” is hilarious.

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