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Lions notes: 5 future head coaching candidates

SB Nation laid out 5 coaches who may be ready to make the jump to head coach next year.

NFL: Preaseason-New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
  • SB Nation put out this video detailing five currently coordinators or position coaches that may be ready to make the jump to head coach in 2018. Which one of these candidates interest you the most?

  • Nick Bellore is the guest on this week’s Talkin’ with T.J. This may be my favorite episode and definitely has my favorite question to Bellore: Who throws the better ball: Tim Tebow or Matthew Stafford? (Bellore has caught a pass from each).

  • This graph is extremely telling of how bad the Lions’ run defense has been over the past month and a half. Or, if you want to take the glass-half full approach, look at the Lions’ improvement in passing the ball since the bye:

  • On Thursday, Jim Caldwell said that Dirk Koetter’s comments about attacking Matthew Stafford’s injured hand were not serious. Koetter himself addressed those comments on Thursday and also said they were made “in jest,” and that “we would never go after any player.

  • This isn’t Lions related, but I think it’s something every football fan should watch. Bears tight end Zach Miller suffered a knee injury this year that nearly cost him his leg. This is his first interview since, and it’s definitely worth your time: