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Wednesday open thread: What is your favorite Super Bowl memory?

What is your favorite moment from the past 50 Super Bowls?

Super Bowl XLIII Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I know, I know. The Detroit Lions have never been in a Super Bowl and therefore there is no Super Bowl memory worth keeping. But let’s not be so petty for a minute.

The Super Bowl is the NFL’s biggest stage and has been the setting for some of the league’s most memorable moments. In just the past decade, we have seen last-second, goal line interceptions, game-winning field goals, toe-tapping catches and so much more.

You may not get treated to Lions football during the Super Bowl, but lately the event has hosted some of the most dramatic moments in sports history.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

What is your favorite Super Bowl memory of all time?

My answer: It has to be the David Tyree helmet catch.

This play has it all. The unbelievable escape from a sack... BY ELI FREAKIN MANNING. The desperation heave. The amazing catch in perfect coverage. The helmet, oh god, the helmet. And the fact that Tyree, a man who would only tally 54 career receptions in his short NFL career, was the player to catch the pass makes for an incredible story. The play even has its own Wikipedia page.

...oh, and the play directly led to the Patriots failing to go undefeated, making the Giants permanent heroes to the rest of the NFL.

Your turn.