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Detroit Lions getting new uniforms in April

Get ready for a brand new Detroit Lions uniform.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Indianapolis Colts Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

After unveiling small changes to the Detroit Lions logo and an all-new team font with no formal announcement, the Lions announced on Wednesday morning that full changes to their uniform will be coming in April.

Per the team’s official statement:

The rebrand will culminate with the unveiling of all new uniforms on April 13. Throughout the rebranding process, we made it a priority to emphasize our classic color combination of Honolulu blue and silver, which has been synonymous with the Detroit Lions since 1934.

In the press release, the Lions also announced that the removal of the black trim in the logo was a decision based on removing black from the team’s brand identity. This coincides with their emphasis on keeping the blue and silver traditional colors in the design of the Lions logo.

Here’s a look at some of the changes that were made based on the look of the Detroit Lions website:

In addition to redesigning the website, the Lions also released an entire new set of Lions merchandise with the updated logo and font. However, there are rumors that more changes are coming.

So far, the general consensus from fans has been positive. Our poll from earlier Wednesday found that 43 percent of fans like the changes made to both the font and the logo, while only 18 percent didn’t like either of the changes.

Will the unveiling of the entire uniform changes win over the entire fanbase? We’ll have to wait until April 13 to find out.