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Ask POD: The “movin’ to Sunday” mailbag

PODcast is in offseason mode, which means we’re opening the mailbag early.

NFL: Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Football ended so suddenly and I’m still dealing with what to do now. My father keeps blabbering in my ear about pitchers and catchers reporting, but he’s also a Cardinals fan so I’m inherently resistant to this notion at this time. Basketball and soccer are fine, but there is still a distinct lack of football that is going to drive us mad until half a year passes.

The mailbag is open for the Pride Of Detroit PODcast, and we’re trying to move recording to Sunday afternoon. Call it an easier strain on our weekday lives, or more time for me to edit our usual messes to make something audible for your pretty little ears. You have a limited time to get these in, so make your move. Drop off the questions here in the comments below, or reach out on Twitter to @PrideOfDetroit with #AskPOD appended to your question.

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