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2016 Detroit Lions POD Awards: Detroit Lions Moment of the Year

What was your favorite Detroit Lions play of the year?

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Next up for the 2016 Detroit Lions POD Awards is the category for Detroit Lions Moment of the Year.

Anquan Boldin’s game-winning touchdown vs. Washington

Way back in October, we had little understanding of what was going on with this Detroit Lions team. The Lions were 3-3, coming off of two pretty exciting wins over the Eagles and Rams, but morale was still pretty low. This team was struggling defensively and was frustrating offensively. It felt like any hope for the postseason was just remnants from the Kool-Aid filled offseason, especially with the Vikings rolling.

But for whatever reason, the game against Washington felt like a turning point. After allowing the go-ahead touchdown to Kirk Cousins with just 65 seconds remaining, it felt like that was the end. But Matthew Stafford drove the Lions down the field with ease, culminating in the game-winning score and the utter embarrassment of Skip Bayless.

Darius Slay’s "Big Play" Thanksgiving interception

The Lions were trying to pull off the unlikely sweep of the Vikings, but were in trouble. Minnesota, who had been driving the ball down the field the entire second half, was on their way to scoring the game-winning touchdown, but Darius Slay had different plans. Slay baited Sam Bradford into thinking he was in man coverage, but came off of it to pick off Bradford and immediately put the Lions in position for the game-winning score.

Darius Slay’s game-sealing INT vs. Carson Wentz and Eagles

The Eagles were undefeated and rookie Carson Wentz had been untouchable. But Darius Slay managed to erase both of those facts with one, game-ending interception.

Wentz was hoping to add a game-winning drive to his rookie resume, after a Ryan Mathews fumble allowed the Lions to take a late lead. Wentz showed his rookie impatience, however, throwing a deep ball into single coverage on the first play of the drive. Unfortunately for him, Slay was the single man in coverage and he was in perfect position to make a play on the ball. And boy, did Slay make a play on it:

Golden Tate Butt Flip

This one is going to win, so let’s just watch it: