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2017 NFL Bad Lip Reading is here, but with fewer Lions

The excellent YouTube series makes its NFL return, but without any real funny Lions moments.

One of my favorite parts about the offseason is the release of the NFL version of “Bad Lip Reading,” a YouTube series that takes clips from movies, sports and real life and dubs nonsensical words over it that appear to be in sync with what the person is actually saying.

In the past, the NFL versions have given us such wonderful moments as Adrian Peterson talking about an orange peanut, Jim Harbaugh begging for cake, and a referee telling us about his bad first date.

Last year’s version of Bad Lip Reading had Theo Riddick telling his teammates to play the accordion, but this year’s version doesn’t have much in terms of Detroit Lions players. At around the 1:06 mark you can hear Matthew Stafford heavily breathing and you also get to see a member of the chain gang screaming in Jim Caldwell’s ear, but that’s about it in terms of Lions cameos.

Still, these videos are always good for a chuckle or two, even if the gimmick is running a bit thin these days.

For the previous versions of NFL Bad Lip Reading, click here, here, here and here.

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