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Ask POD: Very presidential mailbag

President’s Day Lions mailbag coming at you and yours

Washington Redskins v Detroit Lions Photo by Diane Weiss/Getty Images

The Sunday PODcast will continue next week, but we’re enjoying a long weekend here at Pride Of Detroit along with an editorial trip to Grand Rapids that was... Let’s go with “illuminating” as the word we’ll use. It’s all in service to a great PODcast experience as the offseason season of the show rolls on.

What’s also illuminating is this mailbag we’re throwing together. We need your questions to be lights shining upon its depths, allowing us to answer all your pressing inquiries about the Detroit Lions, football, sport or anything else that tickles your fancy. Anything goes on this here President’s Day.

Fire off a question in the comments below or send one to us on Twitter at @PrideOfDetroit and include the hashtag #AskPOD. We’ll be sure to use as much as we can when we go to record the PODcast. Again, ask us about anything, seeing as we’ll probably try to give an answer to anything.

As always, download and subscribe to the PODcast on iTunes or check it out on Stitcher. The show’s going to be loaded with plenty of Lions talk and other fun things so be sure to listen.