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Wednesday open thread: What is your favorite Lions game of all time?

While we desperately await some kind of significant news, let’s reminisce for a day.

Detroit Lions v Oakland Raiders

We’re so close. We’re so close to there actually being some news to talk about. The NFL Combine is just a week away. The following week, the insanity of free agency begins. Then after that dust settles, we will be a uniform unveiling away from the offseason’s holy grail: The NFL Draft.

But before the dominoes start to fall, we’re still meandering for another week of nothingness. So why not take the opportunity to divulge in a little nostalgia? Today’s Question of the Day is:

What is your favorite Detroit Lions game of all time?

My answer: I’m biased because I was there, but the Lions-Raiders game in 2011 will go down as one of my most precious memories as a Lions fan. Pride Of Detroit devotees may remember that my trip to Oakland included seats in the Raiders’ notorious “Black Hole.” I detailed my experience here, but it was truly the game that made this trip magical.

This was an absolutely crucial game for the Lions. They had not made the playoffs in over a decade and a win over their AFC foe would put them at 9-5, a near Wild Card lock.

Detroit looked outmatched the entire game and there was little hope when Matthew Stafford was pinned 98 yards away from the end zone, down six points with just 2:14 remaining in the game. Of course, by 2016 Stafford standards, that’s only a 5 out of 10 on the difficulty scale, but this was before No. 9 had turned into a comeback legend.

The Lions ended up winning, Ndamukong Suh ended up scampering maniacally across Coliseum, and the Lions ended up clinching a playoff spot the following week against the Chargers.