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Super Bowl LI expert picks, predictions: Falcons vs. Patriots

A look at Pride Of Detroit’s picks for Super Bowl 51

NFL: Super Bowl LI-NRG Stadium Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots are days away from facing off for Super Bowl LI. Either the Falcons will be celebrating their first ever Super Bowl in franchise history or the Patriots will be raising the Lombardi for approximately the 100th time in the past 20 years.

Here at Pride Of Detroit, we’re quite split on who we think will come out of Super Bowl Sunday victorious. While most, if not all, of us are pulling for the Falcons, only six out of 10 of us are actually picking them to win. Here’s a look at all of our picks.

Kyle Yost (12-5): 28-25 Patriots
Andrew Kato (11-6): 27-17 Patriots
Ryan Mathews (11-6): 34-31 Falcons
Brian Packey (10-6): N/A
Joseph Buszek (10-7): 30-28 Falcons
Alex Reno (10-7): 34-18 Patriots
Jeremy Reisman (10-7): 27-24 Patriots
Kent Lee Platte (8-8): 41-21 Falcons
Chris Lemieux (8-9): 36-33 Falcons
Mike Payton (8-9): 28-24 Falcons
Justin Simon (8-9): 27-24 Falcons

One interesting note about our picks: The over/under for the game is set for 59. Seven out of 10 of us have scores that add up to under 59, while only three would be choosing the over.

But as you can see from our records, we have been pretty bad at choosing Lions games all season. So don’t trust us.

What is your prediction for the game? Add your scores below.