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First Byte: Super Bowl LI preview podcast

The companion to PODcast makes a limited return to talk about the big game in Houston.

NFL: Super Bowl LI-New England Patriots Press Conference Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

Out of love for the craft, First Byte returns from its offseason nap one more time until the autumn. It’s time to talk about the Super Bowl, a great big important thing that seemingly only has one team playing in it, if you believe what you hear from the press. Have the Patriots truly swallowed up the media? Are we just waiting for a Patriots coronation, or will the Falcons actually earn their spot at this table?

Jeremy Reisman hops on with Ryan and myself to talk about the narratives surrounding the game, and we break down what we hope to see from it and where we see it going. We also getting into a little Detroit Lions talk because there was news about jerseys and logos and all sorts of fun stuff while we were off air from PODcast and we wanted to cover it. We also give out our Vegas picks and have heated words about card games and gambling.

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