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Ask POD: Super Bowl chicken wings edition

This mailbag is getting a little spice.

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

The Super Bowl is over, that torrid affair laid to rest. I don’t know how to even approach it, and I’m hoping to find the answer in a handful of hours when we sit down to record the Pride Of Detroit PODcast.

The Falcons were that close. The Patriots were looking that dead. All that was, a simple handful of yards and one turnover to suddenly turn the game on its head. It’s not even a story of cold-hot halves, but a quarter and change of frenetic action and the dissolution of the Falcons defense in the face of Tom Brady. 23 yards was the high water mark for Matt Ryan; we just didn’t know it until the very end.

But now that’s done and we’re on to the offseason. Lions fans have been living in it for a while for the team, but with noisy matters such as the playoffs and Super Bowl out of the way, talk will begin anew on the draft and free agency. More importantly, more listcasts and the GIF tournament are also on the horizon.

That means it’s time to get on the ground floor and send us your questions for the PODcast mailbag. Send us questions on the Lions, the Super Bowl, NFL or whatever else in the comments below or on Twitter to @PrideOfDetroit with the hashtag #AskPOD. If we like it enough, it’ll fit in the next PODcast mailbag.

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