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T.J. Lang was 99% sure he was going to be a Seattle Seahawk, then Bob Quinn stepped in

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Bob Quinn: 1; Seahawks: 0

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears

Saturday night it looked like the Detroit Lions had missed out on T.J. Lang. He left Detroit earlier in the week without a contract and flew cross-country to visit the Seattle Seahawks. At 6:16 p.m. ET Saturday night reports emerged that Lang’s visit had gone “great” and shortly thereafter it was revealed that Lang had followed the Seahawks on Twitter. It seemed all was lost.

But Lang described what happened next on an interview with 97.1’s “Valenti and Foster” show. “At the time, Seattle had the best offer,” Lang said. “I didn’t know Detroit was coming back with a counter offer. So when I left Seattle, I was about 99 percent sure I was flying back there to sign a contract. Then Detroit stepped up and things change pretty quick.”

That counter offer turned out to be three-years and $28.5 million, over $2 million more per year than what the Packers were offering. Although the Seahawks’ offer was likely closer to what Detroit offered, Lang ultimately chose his home state.

“Ultimately, really, Detroit made the decision for me,” Lang said. “They just made me feel so wanted and so welcome.”

Chalk up one big win for Bob Quinn for his relentless pursuit on Lang. Without that last push for the offensive lineman, Lang would be playing for the team that knocked him out of the playoffs just a few months ago.

You can watch Lang’s entire radio segment—which I highly recommend—below (courtesy of 97.1 the Ticket’s Facebook page)