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Tuesday open thread: Should the Lions re-sign Anquan Boldin?

Now that the 36-year-old receiver is returning, should the Lions bring him back?

Tennessee Titans v Detroit Lions Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Anquan Boldin will reportedly be back in the NFL for his 15th season. ESPN’s Jim Trotter reported on Monday the 36-year-old receiver is planning on making his return to the NFL in 2017 and is putting off retirement for at least one more year.

Boldin was still playing at a high level last season, catching 67 passes and eight touchdowns as the Detroit Lions’ slot receiver. Boldin has also been remarkably reliable in terms of health his entire career. He’s never missed more than six games in a season and has only missed a total of two in the past four years.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

Do you want the Detroit Lions to bring back Anquan Boldin?

My answer: Yes, no question. The Lions currently don’t have the type of rare skillset that Boldin brings to the table: a strong set of hands, an aggressive mindset and a ton of experience. The Lions would obviously prefer to go a younger route, but for a single year, you can’t beat Boldin’s production.

We asked this question over two months ago, and 85 percent of fans wanted Boldin back. However, our own Mike Payton later wrote that the Lions should Just Say No to Boldin.

Given how much the Lions have spent on offense during free agency, I’m curious to see if anyone’s mind has changed. Sound off.

Your turn.