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Bob Quinn’s ‘tone-deaf’ comments on Joe Mixon draw widespread criticism

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The Lions general manager is under intense heat after making controversial comments on NFL prospect Joe Mixon.

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While Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn had a 15-minute-long press conference on Wednesday, almost all of it was overshadowed by his surprising take on Joe Mixon not being invited to the NFL Combine. Mixon was not invited due to 2014 incident that ended in Mixon punching a woman in the face, breaking several bones in her face. Quinn said he was disappointed in the NFL’s decision not to give Mixon the chance to explain the incident at the combine.

This is obviously a very sensitive issue, and many thought Quinn’s comments were inexcusable, but there were others that actually commended Quinn. Here’s a sampling of the responses to Quinn:

  • Deadspin admits that while Quinn is not excusing his actions, “his grievance isn’t a particularly sympathetic one.”

  • ESPN personalities Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic debated the issue on Thursday’s episode of their daily radio show. Golic said he was “nauseated” by some of his comments and Greenberg called it “tone-deaf.” You can hear their conversation below (starts at the 24:40 mark):

  • Even Steelers GM Kevin Colbert commented on the situation, saying that he agrees with the NFL’s decision and that playing in the NFL or competing at the combine is a privilege.

Whether you agree or disagree with Quinn’s comments, or even think it’s all just a smokescreen, he seems to have struck a chord with many people around the NFL. The NFL has had a difficult time saving face with cases involving violence against women, and this has only added fuel to the fire.