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Thursday open thread: Which prospect would you trade up for?

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If you had to trade up in the first round, who would you grab?

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On Wednesday, Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press came up with another out-of-the-box scenario for the Detroit Lions. He proposed the idea of the Lions trading up in the draft to select running back Leonard Fournette.

Now before you grab your torch behind the “break glass in case of emergency” box, Birkett brings up a proposal not many are considering: What if, instead of trying to build a well-rounded team on both sides of the ball, the Lions simply try to get really good at one thing (offense) and see how far that can take him. Birkett uses the recent example of a the Atlanta Falcons, who ranked first in offensive DVOA and 27th in defensive DVOA last year, to illustrate his point. Obviously the Falcons came up just short of a Super Bowl title, but his point remains somewhat valid.

Personally, I don’t think Fournette is the guy to potentially sell your future for, and I’m not even sure if Detroit is that close to contending for a title either. But Birkett does bring up an interesting point about trading up. Fans almost universally hate the idea of trading up, as it is typically very costly and the NFL Draft is viewed as a crapshoot anyways. However, almost everyone falls in love with one draft prospect every year. So today’s Question of the Day is:

Which prospect would you want the Detroit Lions to trade up for?

My answer: Now I know there are going to be at least two or three of you that will say “Do not trade up under any circumstance,” and I tend to agree, but let’s play along just as a hypothetical. We’d all love to see Myles Garrett on the Lions, but I doubt any of us would be willing to pay the price to move into the top two picks in the draft.

So instead I’ll go with linebacker Reuben Foster. If he’s still on the board around picks 11-13, I would be okay with the Lions making a run at him. There are some injury concerns, so if he’s slipping, there may be worries that his concussion history is too risky. But if the Lions are confident in his health, Foster offers the complete package at linebacker and would immediately fill Detroit’s biggest need. If it costs the Lions a couple thirds (one this year, one next) to jump 10 or so spots and get him, I could completely live with that.

Your turn.