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New Lions uniforms possibly leaked in season ticket-holder email

The Lions may have accidentally hinted to the new jerseys set to be unveiled in April.

Although the Lions are set to reveal their new uniforms later in April, it would appear that invitations to the event sent to season ticket-holders has inadvertently given possible hints to jersey-hungry fans on social media. Thanks to several members of Lions Twitter, we may have our first glimpse at the overhauled Detroit Lions uniforms.

The original email sent out to Lions season ticket-holders featured Matthew Stafford, Marvin Jones, Ezekiel Ansah and Sam Martin on a darkened image, used as a header to an invitation to the uninform unveiling.

However, Twitter user Josh Hein took the image into editing software and cranked up the saturation levels in order to get a better view of the jerseys. They do indeed appear to be new uniforms, with some distinct changes from the current ones worn by the Lions.

As expected, the image shows that the black has been largely removed from the Lions jerseys. In addition, the Color Rush jerseys are also partially visible (on Sam Martin, far right). The Lions will unveil the new jerseys, plus the aforementioned Color Rush and a possible Thanksgiving throwback uniform, on April 13.

Team president Rod Wood seems to be aware of the leaks, and so far has declined to comment on their features or the nature of the jerseys hinted.