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Mount Union running back Bradley Mitchell meets with the Detroit Lions

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The Lions could be looking for their Andre Roberts replacement.

The Detroit Lions took time to work out Toledo prospects Kareem Hunt and Michael Roberts at the Toledo pro day, but that didn’t keep them from also meeting with diminutive kick returner/running back Bradley Mitchell. Mitchell played for Mount Union, whose players attend the pro days of larger schools rather than having their own. With the departure of Andre Roberts in free agency, the Lions have a bit of an opening at kick returner. It’s unlikely, given his size, the team would view Mitchell as a running back or use him in any capacity on offense, but as a full-time returner he would have a shot in training camp to earn a roster spot.

At only 5-foot-5 and listed at just 165 pounds, Mitchell could contend for being the smallest player to ever play in the NFL if he makes it through a team’s camp. Trindon Holliday, former Houston Texan kick returner previously held that mark at 5-foot-5 and 166 pounds, but he also ran a sub 4.3 40 at his Pro Day. Any time you come into a professional sport at that size, you’re going to have some obstacles to overcome and the South Lake HS grad would have to prove he can be durable as well as dynamic if he wants to land a role somewhere.

Rushing for 1,143 yards and 19 TDs on only 148 carries in 2014 before having a down year in 15 and bouncing back in 2016. On the back of eight 100 yard games, Mitchell amassed 1,612 yards and 20 TDs during his team captain final season at Mount Union. He finishes his college career with 22 games with over 100 yards rushing. The odds that a team is going to look at Mitchell as anything other than a returner is very slim, but there shouldn’t be any harm in giving an opportunity in camp to a fiery player who can add a dynamic element to your return game.