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Ask POD: The Joe is Dead. Long live The Joe.

Joe Louis Arena may be dead, but the PODcast is eternal.

NFL: International Series-Detroit Lions at Kansas City Chiefs Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

The Joe is dead. Long live The Joe.

The Detroit Red Wings mercifully ended their 2016-17 season on Sunday with a chilling tribute to Joe Louis Arena. Soon, the Detroit Pistons will end their disappointing season, as well. All that will be left are the Detroit Tigers and months of the Detroit Lions’ offseason.

But it isn’t all that sad, because part of the Lions’ offseason includes weekly installments of the Pride Of Detroit podcast. No matter how slow the weekly news cycle, you can rely on the PODcast to belt out a hot 60-ish minutes on the Lions, cars, food, NFL Draft analysis, cars and LISTCASTS.

This week is no exception as we inch towards NFL Draft. This is actually an oddly busy week for the Lions as they’ll get their preseason schedule on Monday and release their long-awaited uniforms on Thursday. Got a question about either of those things? Or want to talk “Better Call Saul” with me? Or maybe you want to ask our opinion on this monstrosity:

(Whether or not anyone asks about this, I guarantee we will talk about it.)

Anyways, send us your glorious questions below. And if you don’t mind, head over to our iTunes page and give us a rating and review. We read all iTunes reviews unedited over the air, meaning you can get us to say just about anything. Why wouldn’t you do that?