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PODcast: Could the Lions draft a wide receiver? Coney island pizza, preseason LISTCAST

A jam-packed PODcast talks about the most pressing Lions and pizza news of the offseason.

Jerry Mallory

With the Lions releasing jerseys this week, the NFL Draft at the end of the month, the Tigers starting ball, the Red Wings and Pistons leaving the Joe Louis and the Palace respectively and a horrifying new combination of Detroit cuisine specialities, you just know PODcast is going to be loaded this week. There’s plenty to talk about and we don’t have much time.

Dig in. The preseason schedule is out. We got LISTCAST to cover it. We got more draft talk on the way as we turn our attention towards the wide receivers of this class. There’s not much else to be said. Get this one in your pretty little ears already.

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This week on the PODcast

  • Saying goodbye to the Joe. We love you Joe. We always have. We also say goodbye to the Palace too.
  • Getting hype(?) for the new Lions jerseys to be released later this week. Mindless speculation and nattering.
  • Time to tackle the draft again! This week: wide receivers! Could the Lions be looking for a long-term future at the position rather than rely solely on Tate and Jones? What will happen in the slot if there’s no Anquan Boldin for the future?
  • The preseason schedule is out. The preseason is boring, and the number of people who try to make the preseason schedule exciting is too many. But we try, the only way PODcast knows how: LISTCASTing it.
  • We address the disgusting abomination that is coney island deep dish pizza.
  • Mailbag asks about favorite fast food condiments, worst flying experiences and Red Wings goalies. They’re all related somehow.

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