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Best reactions to the Detroit Lions jersey reveal

Here are the best reactions from around the web after the Lions released their four new uniforms.

The Detroit Lions uniform reveal went without a hitch on Thursday night. Though not everyone was thrilled with the changes, that were overall relatively minor. However, the general reaction was somewhat positive, and Detroit avoided a Los Angeles Chargers-like situation where they were mocked incessantly to the point that they ditched their new logo.

Nowhere are reactions more emotional and polarized than online. In the moments of the release, plenty of fans, players and analysts across the league shared their feelings on the new uniforms. Here’s a sampling of those reactions.

Pride Of Detroit

The folks on this fine site were mostly excited about the changes. As of late Thursday night, 33 percent of fans “loved” the uniforms, 33 percent liked them, while on 12 percent didn’t like them or hated them.

As for which of the outfits Pride Of Detroit liked best, surprisingly the Color Rush jerseys came in first place with 41 percent of the vote. The white jersey/blue pants combo of the away uniforms came in second with 33 percent of the vote. While the throwbacks and home uniforms trailed considerably, with 15 and 12 percent of the vote respectively.

The Players

No one seems to be more excited about these kind of events than the players. Here is a sampling of reaction from the Lions after the release, which mostly included flame emojis:

Yes sir..... we lit #WarReady #OnePride

A post shared by Darius Slay (@bigplayslay23) on

Feel Good... Look Good... Play Good!!! #detroit #lions #gh4life

A post shared by Ezekiel Ansah (@ziggy_ansah) on

Hey, even former Lions cornerback Dre Bly likes them:

The Haters

When a team like the Lions steals the spotlight in the offseason, it’s bound to cause some jealousy across the league. Enter: Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix:

And because he couldn’t resist, former Lions linebacker and—sigh—Super Bowl winner Kyle Van Noy had to pile on as well:

Of course, that got the attention of a few Lions players, who retaliated (in fun):

The national media

We know local fans and media are going to tend to lie heavily on the positive side of the spectrum, so what did the national media say? Even they were mostly impressed:

However, a few media outlets—including our mothership SB Nation—teased the Lions for making new uniforms without any major changes:

Still, overall this event has been widely praised as another success for team president Rod Wood and the Lions organization.