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Detroit Lions uniform reveal results in record-breaking pageviews for team

The Lions website nearly broke after an overwhelming response to their new uniforms.

If there’s anything Detroit Lions Team President Rod Wood has shown in his first year and a half on the job, it’s that he knows how to drum up excitement. One of his earliest moves was to reinstate Lions cheerleaders, something season tickets holders have wanted for years. Since then, he’s battled successfully to earn the Lions a season-finale game at home, which turned out to be Detroit’s highest attended game since 2011. He’s worked hard to improve the stadium experience, and he’s managed to create buzz about a big blue donut.

But nothing has captured the excitement of Lions fans more than last week’s uniform unveiling. This is statistically proven to be true. During a “Good Morning Football” segment in which NFL Network’s Peter Schrager was interviewing the man who designed the new Lions uniforms, Steve McClard, Scharger dropped this piece of knowledge:

“I’m looking at this website that the Lions put up: Three million page views, the most the Lions website has ever had, overwhelming response to the uniform change.”

To put that in context, according to, the Detroit Lions official website averages just 1.5 million page views... per month. Annually, the site averages 18.3 million page views. That means that in one day’s work, the Lions reached 16.4 percent of their annual site average.

While it’s not clear whether Schrager’s statistics are unique page views or just raw numbers, it is apparent the Lions’ website did astronomical numbers during the uniform release.

In fact, the site was so popular that at least one user had trouble accessing it to view or purchase new jerseys:

Whether you like or hate the new uniforms—and around 65% of Lions fans at least “like them”—there is little denying that the move has created a lot of buzz for the organization.

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