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VIDEO: Reuben Foster opens up to ESPN on pre-draft concerns

Reuben Foster opened up to ESPN about his rough past few months.

College Football Playoff National Championship Media Day Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Reuben Foster has had a tumultuous draft season. After being considered one of the top prospects in the country, Foster has been faced with red flag after red flag, causing him to go on the defensive to prove his worth to NFL franchises.

His latest attempt to explain some of the questions surrounding his health and his character took place this week when he joined ESPN show “NFL Insiders.” There Foster was very candid with his responses to the many controversies.

Most recently, Foster failed his drug test at the NFL Combine, after results showed a diluted sample—although he did not test positive for any banned substance. When the report initially was released, Foster told Ian Rapoport that he had been sick during the week of the combine. But Foster told ESPN there was more to it.

“It was more than just being sick,” Foster told ESPN. He also wanted to make weight at the combine. Foster said he came into the week weighing 223 or 224 pounds and wanted to put on water weight which eventually bumped him up to 229.

As for those who doubt his explanation for what happened. “Everybody’s got their own opinion,” Foster said. “All I have is my word.”

The other issue at the NFL Combine came from an altercation with a nurse that eventually had him thrown out of the event. While Foster didn’t go into details of what happened, he did own the mistake and emphasize his apology given to the NFL medical staff.

“I never got in trouble at the University of Alabama,” Foster said, defending his character. “I never failed a test at the University of Alabama. I never got suspended for a game for the University of Alabama. That should say a lot.”

Another concern surrounding Foster is his health. He has suffered from a concussion, and more recently has been dealing with a shoulder injury. Foster had surgery on the shoulder in February, and the timeline for his return was unclear, with several rumors floating around that his rotator cuff had not healed properly and may require a second surgery.

Foster put those rumors to bed this week. He admitted he will be limited during organized team activities, but plans to be a full participant in training camp. “From training camp, I’ll be a full go, full-throttle,” Foster told ESPN.

For the Detroit Lions, despite Foster’s numerous issues, it seems unlikely he drops to them at 21 overall. However, as the controversies continue to mount, his stock certainly seems to fall. If he’s there in the late teens, the Lions may see him as a prospect worth trading up for, especially considering the team’s strong need for a linebacker.

You can watch Foster’s full interview with ESPN below:

What do you think of the Foster interview? Do you believe him?