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Notes: Jarrad Davis highlights, behind the scenes in Lions war room

Time for the best part of the draft: Watching highlight reel after highlight reel.

NCAA Football: North Texas at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

  • Here are a few nice things some national NFL analysts had to say about the Lions’ pick:

  • Look who’s being labeled as a franchise quarterback by the national media now:

  • Yesterday, we poked fun at the Chicago Bears for spending four draft picks to move up one spot and take Mitchell Trubisky. The “Detroit Lions Memes” Twitter account took our video and made it even better:

  • Speaking of trolling the Bears, this was expertly done by the 49ers social media manager (h/t to commenter MaizeAndBlueWahoo):

  • Okay, enough messing around. It’s Jarrad Davis highlight time: