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Lions latest draft pick brought seldomly seen smile to Caldwell's face

Michael Roberts captured the imagination of Jim Caldwell and turned it to visible joy.

Detroit Lions v Houston Texans Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

Jim Caldwell’s sideline demeanor is the cause of many Lions fans ire. Some like his more calm and collected approach to coaching while others wish he would show some more emotion. In January, we posed this question to the Pride Of Detroit community to get their thoughts. Here’s a sampling of the more illustrative and revealing responses:


As a former college baseball umpire and high school football referee, having the threat of coaches yelling at us does motivate us to get the calls right. Some coaches will yell no matter what but if we blow a call and get yelled at we do our best to not mess anything else up. If no one yells at a bad call there is less motivation to get better (crappy I know, but officials are human).

Chim Ritchels:

I’m fine with Caldwell just being steady and relaxed. Although when there is a call that goes against the Lions, I do wish that he would go a little crazy like I am in my living room, but his approach is probably better.

It doesn’t matter to me which side of the fence you fall on for this “argument”: Caldwell is who he is, and he’s been the most successful Lions coach in over two decades—so guess which side of the fence I fall on.

The Lions latest draft pick, Michael Roberts, was a popular prospect amongst fans during the months leading up to the draft. With the 128th overall pick in the draft, Detroit made the tight end from Toledo their pick, but it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone. Look at the type of reaction he drew on the countenance of Caldwell:

That smile is worth a thousand words, but Roberts sums it up in five:

“Shoutout to the real OGs.”


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