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Lions notes: Jabrill Peppers goes to Detroit in latest mock

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The polarizing prospect out of Michigan lands with the Lions in Mike O’Hara’s latest mock draft.

Ilinois v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

3. Peppers is highly regarded for his football acumen. He’s a quick learner who can adjust on the run – even as fast as he runs – and transfer to the field the adjustments he’s been told to make on the sideline.

4. He’s versatile. If Peppers isn’t a starting safety on opening day, he’ll be in the rotation in packages that use his ability while he develops in the system.

  • If you’re still holding out hope that the Lions—even after signing Nick Bellore—will take a shot at Zach Brown in free agency, you may want to sit down:

  • It appears Tony Romo’s NFL career is over:

And he’s taking Phil Simms’ job, to boot: