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Thursday open thread: Who is one player you don’t want the Lions to draft?

Who is one player not even on your board for the Detroit Lions?

Florida Atlantic v Miami

We’ve already spent the past four months detailing our draft crushes, positions of need and prospects so good we’d consider trading up for them.

Now let’s spend some time on the opposite end of the spectrum. The players a team avoids are sometimes just as important as the players they pick. Avoiding the temptation of a risky pick can often be the difference between a successful draft and a bust-filled one.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

Which NFL prospect do you want the Detroit Lions to absolutely avoid at all costs in the NFL draft?

My answer: Tight end David Njoku out of Miami. There’s nothing I personally have against Njoku. He will likely be a fairly successful tight end in the NFL. He’s the prototype of what a lot of teams are looking for in their tight ends these days: an extremely athletic receiver who will immediately present a matchup problem for defenses with poor coverage linebackers.

However, he lacks any realistic blocking skills and is plagued by inconsistent hands. Does that remind you of anyone? The Lions already have Eric Ebron. Adding another one would be a huge waste of a first-round pick, especially considering the drastic needs on the opposite side of the ball.

Your turn.