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NFC North logo color swap

How do you enrage all four teams in the NFC North? Like this.

We’re at peak offseason right now. All 32 teams are feeling pretty optimistic about their chances in 2017, having just pulled off the best draft in franchise history. All of the players are healthy and look like they’re in the best shape of their lives. The rookies are hungry and ready to prove they belong in the big leagues. And all of the second and third-year players are going to take that “big step” in 2017 and become the All-Pro player they’ve always destined to be.

So let’s burn all that optimism away by pissing off every NFC North team. Yes, including the Detroit Lions.

Yesterday on Twitter, our friends at Winging it in Motown discovered a user that was doing dastardly things with NHL logos:

Yep. It’s coming. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Here are the NFC North logos with their colors swapped. Don’t worry, I’ll do the Lions first to get it over with.

The Detroit Lions

Lions fans are well aware that #WeOwnTheBears, so it’s only appropriate that we now own the Bears’ colors. While the eye tends to have a negative visceral reaction to the reddish-orange color, the logo itself looks like something a DII college school would adopt. It actually works as a logo, even though in Detroit it could be used as an ipecac replacement.

The Chicago Bears

This. This is just wrong. Honolulu Blue is a beautiful color, and I’ve gone and ruined it. I’m sorry. Let’s just burn this and be friends again.

The Green Bay Packers

This is what happens when you mix Georgia and LSU in college football, a move that would likely to piss of SEC fans even more than this logo angers Packers fans. This would be the worst logo of the bunch, if it weren’t for...

The Minnesota Vikings

If this logo could talk, it would be screaming “KILL ME.” It combines what is easily the worst color combination in the division (probably the league) and throws it onto the most inappropriate logo.

This was a mistake. This all was a mistake.