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Saturday open thread: Is Kenny Golladay’s contract situation a cause for concern?

The Lions signed all but one of their draft picks on Friday.

NCAA Football: Eastern Michigan at Northern Illinois Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Lions took their first step—albeit a small one—towards the start of the 2017 NFL season on Friday.

Detroit was able to get contracts out of the way for almost all of their draft picks before the start of rookie minicamp. Eight of the Lions nine draft picks inked their first professional football deals with wide receiver Kenny Golladay as the lone player not to reach an agreement.

Before you get yourself bent out of shape, if you haven’t already, let’s get to today’s Question of the Day:

Does Kenny Golladay being unsigned concern you?

Take a deep breath. Recite a calming mantra. Find your happy place.

Kenny Golladay will be a contractual asset of the Detroit Lions before you know it, or rather, before you even realize it. It’s a slow season for news, so let’s not make something out of nothing. In other words, something isn’t a problem until it becomes one, and this isn’t even close to reaching that point.

Here are a couple of tweets from Golladay that aren’t even a week old:

These don’t sound like the sentiments of an unhappy or disgruntled player unwilling to sign a contract. If anything, the MAC receiver has something to prove, and Golladay’s selection in the third round led to a lot of these types of comments:

Mr. Miller surely hasn’t been the only one to label Golladay a “reach” for the Lions in the third round; even Mock Draftadamus himself, Mel Kiper Jr., dubbed him as such. For a guy who played for Nothern Illinois by way of transferring from North Dakota State, he has an awful lot to prove, and I’m willing to bet he’s going to have his play do the talking. What better way to prove yourself than to get on the field and have the writers pen praise?

In short, enjoy the photos and short video clips of the new players in the new practice jerseys, and don’t let a non-issue become one. For example, here, enjoy this photo of Golladay practicing without a contract yesterday:

Now, your turn.


Is the contract situation of Kenny Golladay a cause for concern?

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